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Wood, such as Western Red Cedar blasts well and produces an attractive sign. 

We chose number one grade, kiln dried, vertical grain blanks for weatherability and stability.

While redwood has the intense grain pattern that has made sandblasted signs so attractive, in today’s times it is almost impossible to buy in top grade quality and, if you can find it, it is very expensive. 

However, with any wood that is exposed to the elements for long periods of time, some splitting and dry rot will occur regardless of how carefully the wood is prepared and finished.

We seal and prime our sandblasted signs as applicable and complete the sign with your choice of enamel, latex or polyurethane paint colors.  Our paint shop can color match PMS colors as well as those of some of the paint manufacturers.  Our artistic painters can also shade and blend for that unique custom detailed look your client is looking for in their sign presentation.